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          Sides sell based on hanging weight.  This includes all butchers’ costs but does not include extras, such as making sausage.  You can have your side processed into steaks, roasts, etc. as you want.  The butcher will package it, label it, freeze it and have it ready for your freezer.  We deliver sides within 20 miles of Calgary.

          Sides of beef are hung for up to 21 days for added tenderness.   The finished product after moisture loss, bone & fat loss will give a weight loss of 30-40%.

          A side of beef is normally between 250 & 350 lbs.  If you want to split a side with a friend the butcher will do this.                    

          The lead time for a side of beef can be a number of months, so call today to order.


  • Free range on pasture
  • Fed no animal byproducts
  • Fed no antibiotics
  • Get no growth hormone
  • Packaged at Alberta Government approved plants
  • Packaged & quick frozen for year long storage
  • Ready for you to cook
  • Tastes delicious
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded


If you would like to know how to cook our beef you can go to this website: